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Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel admires the wonder boy Parv Thacker

Wonder kid Parv Thacker’s accomplishments in music, acting, and social activities were recently praised by Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel, the Chief Minister of Gujarat. In the same vein, he included a note of gratitude. Even though he’s still rather young, Parv Thacker has already released fifty albums. He has the distinction of being both the youngest actor and vocalist in history. Several music streaming sites have had his tracks as top hits. As the Global Ambassador of Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv, he is also spearheading the campaign to raise awareness of clubfoot worldwide. Dr. Krupesh, Parv’s father, elaborated by saying that his son finds tremendous inspiration in the chief minister’s praise and admiration. Dr. Krupesh also got appreciation from chief minister for his work in health care and music therapy.

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel appreciates clubfoot ambassador Parv Thacker.

Note from the Chief Minister

Dear Parv,

Kudos and Congrats. At the age of just crossing over the credel, you made a debut as a wonder boy, in various Arts.

It is really a magnificent make over, on many curves like acting, singing and a Brand Ambassador as Clubfoot Warrior, your skill and talents, excelled to grab many coveting awards and appreciations, a youngest change maker.

I too, like to extend my blissful appreciation for providing you with inspiration, motivation and parenting by your guardian and relatives, for the excellent care right from your birth to enlightening childhood.

To, Dr. Krupeshbhai Thacker