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The Miracle of Music Therapy: Parv smilingly underwent surgery

In the tranquil surroundings of Kutch, a remarkable story unfolds, showcasing the transformative power of music therapy. Parv Thacker, a young child facing the challenge of clubfoot, not only underwent corrective surgery with remarkable calm but also emerged from the experience with a radiant smile and a renewed sense of purpose. His journey is a testament to the healing power of music and the indomitable spirit of a child.

The Challenge of Clubfoot

Clubfoot, a congenital deformity that affects the feet, can be a daunting diagnosis for any child and their family. It requires early intervention and, often, corrective surgery to ensure the child can walk and lead a normal life. For Parv Thacker, this journey was made significantly easier through the innovative approach of music therapy. Parv who had been affected by clubfoot, has been receiving regular music therapy for six years. As a result, through music Parv not only found relief from pain but also had intellectual and emotional development, strong willpower, and self-confidence in his personality.

Music Therapy: A Healing Melody

Heal Kutch, an initiative by Krup Health, leverages the therapeutic benefits of music to enhance emotional and mental well-being. For Parv, music therapy became a cornerstone of his treatment plan. Through regular music therapy sessions, he found solace and joy, which helped alleviate the anxiety and fear often associated with medical procedures.

A Calm and Smiling Patient

The day of Parv’s clubfoot corrective surgery arrived, and the usual apprehensions that accompany such a significant medical procedure were notably absent. Parv entered the operating room with a sense of calm and confidence, a testament to the positive impact of music therapy. The familiar melodies and rhythms that had become a part of his daily routine provided him with comfort and assurance, allowing him to face the surgery with a smile. He underwent the surgery fearlessly with music therapy taken for the operation. Even the doctors were surprised to see the little child staying so calm for the operation. Not only that but after his surgery, he performed devotional songs to express his gratitude to the doctors and staff members at the hospital. Talking about that, the best music therapist of India Dr. Krupesh said that music therapy is the science of awakening the seven chakras of the body with the harmony of the seven notes of music. The successful outcome of Parv’s regular therapy can be seen in his charismatic personality, strong self-confidence, and a smile on his face even during operations. In addition, Ayurveda specialist and child counselor mother, Dr. Pooja Thacker added that surgery is a very stressful experience in anyone’s life. Parv was given special therapy for a month before surgery.

“Gunje Gita”: A Musical Triumph

Following the successful surgery, Parv’s journey took an inspiring turn. Drawing from his love for music, he performed the Bhagavad Gita on the guitar, a rendition known as “Gunje Gita.” This performance was not just a musical accomplishment but a celebration of resilience and hope. Parv’s ability to play the sacred text on his guitar, post-surgery, was a profound demonstration of how music can heal, uplift, and empower.

The Broader Impact

Parv’s story is a beacon of hope for many. It highlights the potential of music therapy as a complementary treatment in medical care. The positive outcomes observed in Parv’s case underscore the need for holistic approaches in healthcare, where emotional and psychological well-being are given as much importance as physical health.

The Future of Music Therapy

Inspired by Parv’s journey, Krup Health continues to advocate for the integration of music therapy in various treatment protocols. The success of the Heal Kutch initiative has paved the way for broader implementation, with plans to expand music therapy sessions to more patients, ensuring that the healing power of music reaches as many individuals as possible.


Parv Thacker’s story is a beautiful reminder of the miracles that can occur when medicine and music come together. His calm demeanor during surgery and his triumphant performance of “Gunje Gita” are testaments to the extraordinary benefits of music therapy. As we celebrate Parv’s journey, we are also reminded of the incredible resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact of holistic healing practices.

In the serene landscapes of Kutch, the melodies of healing continue to play, bringing hope, joy, and recovery to many more like Parv. His story is not just about overcoming a physical deformity; it is about the harmonious blend of medical science and the arts, creating a symphony of healing that resonates far beyond the walls of the clinic.